The RenĂ© Hagmann® Valves Models

Bass trombone sets BTBF + BTBDC and PB 46-55

Trombone valve TTB 42 straight ports


TTB36                          All ducts and ports 13.5mm bore (Straight ports only)

TTB42/138                 Bb duct 13.8mm bore, F ducts 14.0mm bore
                                    (Straight ports only)

TTB42/140                 All ducts and ports 14.0mm bore (Straight ports only)

TTB42/142                 All ducts and ports 14.2mm bore (Straight ports only)




BTBF/15                      All ducts and knuckles cylindrical 15.0 mm bore
                                     (Straight ports only)

PBBF                            “PROGRESSIVE BORE type”: Bb ducts taper from
                                     14.6 to 15.0. 15.0mm bore ports (Straight ports

TSBF                            NEW "TWO STEP" type bass tb valve with 14.8mm
                                     Bb ducts bore.


BTBF+BTBDc               our “classic” bass trombone set, all ducts and ports in
                                     cylindrical 15.0mmor 15.2mm bore, D-valve with one
                                     curved port.
BTBF+BTBD                 same but with only straight ports (also fits the
                                      dependent system)

PBBF+PBBDc               “PROGRESSIVE BORE” type bass tb valves set: Bb
                                     Main duct in taper bore, from 14.6 to 15.5mm
                                     reproducing the “gooseneck” bore style. F and D
                                      wrap ports in 15.0mm bore.
valve with one curved Port.

TSBF+TSBDc                Newest “ TWO STEP” style bass tb valve set :
                                      F valve with 14.8mm Bb duct bore and D valve with                                       15.2mm Bb duct bore.
                                      F and D ports with 15.00 mm bore.


BTBF+BTBD                  our “classic” dependent bass tb set, 15.0mm bore,
                                      all straight ports.

PB46+BTBD            “PROGRESSIVE BORE” set, as make for Erik van Lier :
                                     F valve with Bb duct in progressive bore from 14.6 to
mm and F wrap knuckles in 15.0mm bore, D valve                                      cylindrical 15.0mm bore, all straight knuckles.

Our latest product
“René Hagmann® FREE FLOW Progressive bore”
Bass trombone valves


Our R&D department is now proud to introduce a new and exclusive concept of progressive bore for Free Flow valves, dedicated to the bass trombone. Tested by top professionals, we believe this is the state of the art.

For technical reasons, a double plug in-line independent bass trombone features a constant bore section all through both valves (generally matching both F and Gb wraps, which is 15.0 mm in most cases). The section linking the outer slide to the bell is therefore cylindrical, no matter what types of valves is supplied.

In order to come as close as possible to the ideal acoustic tapered geometry of this section of the air column, we have decided to experiment with a progressive bore all through both valves. Experimentation has shown the pertinence of this concept, when associated with the refined craftsmanship of the new designed René Hagmann Progressive Bore Free flow valve set: it offers a genuine evolution perspective of the bass trombone.

Our new progressive bore valve set grows steadily from 14.6 mm to 15.5mm. and performs very well when combined with the 15.0 mm bore of both F and Gb wraps. This new concept enhances the characteristics of the traditional design: ease of playing, improvement of the sound substance in both medium and lower registers, overall sonority, evenness, etc.

 The René Hagmann Progressive Bore exclusive Free Flow Valve concept is based upon using three ducts per valve, the one being tapered being dedicated only to the Bb section.

The products numbers are as follows:

  • PB46 : F valve  with straight ports
  • PB46-55 : F valve with straight ports & D valve with one curved port , bore from 14.6 to 15.