The René Hagmann® Valve Design

Model and Trade Mark registered
A new concept of smooth, undistorted air-flow, with no alteration of the instrument's bore.

René Hagmann® Valves
Some makers (Thayer, in the United-States and Schneider in Germany) have demonstrated that the traditional rotary valve's design has become obsolete. Both currently offer an alternative to improve the traditional internal geometry. Previous rotary valves featured numerous sharp bends, disturbing the air-flow inside the valve casing. Operating the lever involved a bad response, therefore a poor definition in sound.

The RenĂ© Hagmann® design has no sharp bends, thus allowing the air to flow freely. Unlike the traditional valve, the bore suffers from no restriction inside the casing. The consequence is a rich and full sound, with an improved balance between Bb an F registers, in both PP and FF.

- The sound is purer and fuller.

- The response is greatly improved.

- The playing confidence felt is unexpected ,
although involving less pressure.

- The tone is more focussed and homogeneous
from lower to upper register.

- The dynamics is outstanding,
delivering expressive PP and FF,
improving the habitual dull notes.

Thanks to the René Hagmann® free-flow rotary valve, your F / Bb or bass trombone will perform with the same flexibility of a tenor horn.