The René Hagmann® "Free-Flow Valve" :
The reasons behind a succes story.

Since its introduction in 1990, the René Hagmann Free Flow Valve has enjoyed, season after season, a flourishing success, and has now become a standard. We are pleased to raise a toast to the 10,000th valve leaving our workshop! When most players embraced our simple yet efficient concept, it most of times occurred after comparing it with what direct competition had to offer. Most leading manufacturers and top artisans seem to appreciate what is underlined below:

And more:

In order to meet each specific demand, our R&D department has developed an exhaustive program to convert instruments from all brands (our new designed Progressive Bore dedicated to the bass trombone being our latest development). Made out of solid bronze, our scavenged inside rotor is lightweight. His tempered stainless steel small diameter spindle is led thru significant length, favorable to great performance and insignificant wear. Each valve is hand made, and bears an identification serial number. It is lapped and controlled individually, and its vacuumed control is 100% guaranteed.