"Free-Flow" Kits

Tenor trombone kit

TTB42 14 mm. bore TTB 42 valve, 14 mm. open wrap, C32 lever and bracings.

Unpolished standard finish.
Optional multi-bore slide receiver for Bach 42, Edwards, etc. (comes complete with two different inserts and special extracting hook).

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Single bass trombone kit

BTBF 15 mm. bore BTBF valve, 15 mm. open wrap and C32 lever.

Polished outfiting (assembled with valve, on special request only).

Double "in-line" bass trombone kit

BTBF+BTBD 15 mm. bore BTBF+BTBD valves, 15 mm., double 15 mm. open wrap, C32 F lever and BD30 D lever.

Polished outfiting (assembled with valves, on special request only).

Double "dependent" bass trombone kit

Double bass trombone valves kit, dependent system, successful used by Michael Rath Co and other. Kit available in 15mm bore, suitable for the major brands in the market. Finishing in row brass or polished. Special option: tubing soldered on valves as the picture.