The Custom Shop

Under René Hagmann’s leadership, our custom shop will convert and improve any existing trombone, new or used, to the specific needs of the most discriminating artist.

Apart from installing Free Flow valves (which is obviously our biggest demand), we also undertake a whole range of overhaul restorations, repairs and customizations on instruments of all brands (Bach, Courtois, Edwards, Shire, Yamaha, etc.). Our large choice of valves, levers and tubing options will certainly allow us to meet you own demand. From our large selection of mouthpieces, mutes, gig-bags, cases and last but not least, our exclusive hand rest, we trust you may find items to help you performing the art of trombone playing.

Please find below a few examples of customization undertaken in our work shop:


Converted Vincent Bach 50B3L bass trombone, sporting two independent in-line 15 mm. bore Free flow valves (BTBF+BTBD), duo-bore Antoine Courtois style double wrap (F = 15 mm., Gb = 15,5 mm.), C31 thumb lever.

Adjustable C30 lever

Converted for a Ben van Dijk's student, from Rotterdam, this Vincent Bach 50B3L features two independent in-line 15 mm. bore Free flow valves (BTBF+BTBD), standard style 15 mm. bore double wrap and a prototype C30 adjustable thumb lever.

Vincent Bach Stradivarius 42A Vibrabell
Custom tenor trombone , special satin

New convertible concept

We have introduced a new convertible concept who exhibits the following exclusive features :
  • New mount : this new mount makes assembling and disassembling of the bell section very simple, without the stress of an accurate alignment. This operation is undertaken by the tuning slide, linking the bell to the attachment. Two accessible milled screws secure the bell firmly.

  • Free vibrating bell : thanks to the above concept, the connexion points linking the bell to the brace can feature a soft coat, securing the bell firmly but letting vibrate more freely. Some players are most favourable to the idea of a freer vibrating bell.

50's vintage Conn 88H

50'S vintage Conn 88H customized with a TTB 42/14 valve and Double "0" type wrap. A really good instrument with all the typical "Conn" warm sound and a wonderful bottom register.

Andreas Bandini's

Vincent BACH 42B customized with a TTB42/135 special valve and double "0" type wrap. Option "VIBRABELL" convertible system. Played by Andrea Bandini, First solo trombone at the "Orchestre de la Suisse romande" and master class teacher. This special valve have a smaller bore as usually on this type of instrument in order to have a similar feeling as the standard valve but without the typical troubles of them.

Jean-Philippe Duay's BACH 42B

Vincent BACH 42B customized with the TTB42/138 valve and special "S"type wrap. Other options: special slide handle, C30B adjustable f lever, "VIBRABELL" convertible system. Played by Jean-Philippe Duay, Opera of Zurich.

Nick Byrne's BACH 42B

Nick Byrne, Player in the Sidney Opera (Australia) with his 42B customized by Servette-Music !

Tim Sullivan's
contrabass trombone

From left to right: F.Reymond, Tim Sullivan and René Hagmann. Contrabass trombone "LIDL" (probably 30's Vintage instrument in low F, without valves) customized with two special c-bass valves by François Reymond, the principal brass specialist by Servette-music.

HAAG Cimbasso

Cimbasso made by Franz Monschau / HAAG with five Free Flow valves !
An incredible instrument successful built by this famous maker.

Erik Van Lier and his CONN 62H

Special “Progressive bore”
dependent HAGMANN Free Flow valve,
“vibrabell” concept, C30B Lever,
Custom made in our workshop (2006)
Erik van Lier: |
Artist: Erik van lier

« progressive bore »
dependent HAGMANN

Free Flow valve system and
“vibrabell” concept, C31BA

Double bass trombone valve in line « vibrabell » system

Special bass trombone , double HAGMANN Free Flow “progressive bore”
valves with F/Ab special wrap – Tonhalle Zürich.